Delta’s Purpose is to Connect People

Delta employees help connect people each and every day. This mission also guides our relationship with our people: when we take care of one another, you can take care of our customers – and together, we can make Delta a better place to work and fly.

Unstoppable Together 

We believe our success should be your success, which is why Delta shares more profit with employees than any company in the industry and provides industry leading total compensation across the board. Delta is second to none because of your talent, ingenuity, resilience, and hard work. When we work together, we’re unstoppable.


Investing in You

We rely on, recognize, and reward the industry-leading performance you deliver. From industry-leading total compensation, including unrivaled profit-sharing, to caring for your physical, emotional, social, and financial wellbeing, Delta supports you at every step of your climb.

We deliver industry leading pay for industry leading performance. That means more cash compensation for you than our closest global competitors, American and United, in every workgroup. Total compesntation includes:

Industry Leading
Profit Sharing

Delta shared $6.5 billion in profit from 2015-2019, $4 billion more than United and $5.5 billion more than American.

Base Pay

We annually review base pay rates and total compensation to ensure we continue to lead the industry. We publish this data internally so our people have transparency and knowledge of how they are paid.

Sharing Success
through Shared Rewards

You earn more when we achieve key corporate goals with Shared Rewards – a program that Delta kept intact throughout the pandemic while other airlines suspended theirs.

Industry-Leading Profit Sharing

Delta believes that all employees should have a stake in the success you help make possible. That’s why Delta shares a much larger percentage of profits with employees than American and United – which in turn means larger payouts for each employee. 

Since 2015, Delta has shared $7.3B in profit sharing with you, while United shared $2.6B and American shared $1B with their people. Our 2023 profit sharing pool of $550M is greater than the pool of all peer airlines combined.

Industry-leading profit sharing chart


Industry-leading profit sharing chart

* Delta paid out $1,250 in a special profit sharing payment to all eligible employees.
** United paid out $1,000 to its flight attendants and ACS Ramp and Cargo employees in a special bonus payment.

Shared Rewards

You earn more when we achieve key corporate goals with Shared Rewards – a program that Delta kept intact throughout the pandemic while United and American cancelled shared rewards in April 2020 have not reinstated them. Delta shared $2,550 for 2020-2022 performance, while United and American shared only $225 and $50, respectively.

Our Shared Rewards program is based on four performance metrics, including completion factor, on-time arrivals, baggage handling, and net promoter score (NPS).

Shared rewards chart 2023


Shared rewards chart 2023

Learn about Delta's Benefits

Planning for
Your Future
We provide a 3% fixed and 6% match contribution to 401(k)s, totaling up to 9% from Delta, which helps you save 15% or more for the future.
Helping Employees Manage
Health Care Costs
IRS regulations require an increase to annual deductibles for high deductible health plans for 2024, and Delta was able to increase premiums by just $1 to $12 per month after keeping premiums flat for five consecutive years. In 2022 we actually reduced the average plan premium by 14%.
Delivering Delta
Health Rewards
Employees enrolled in the Gold or Silver HSA medical options can earn up to $2,400 for healthcare costs by completing just two of the three available health actions and activities in 2023.
Supporting Growing Families
Employees can receive surrogacy and adoption assistance. Employees and spouses enrolled in a Delta medical plan also have access to fertility support. Parental and bonding leave benefits now include non-birthing parents, adoptive parents and parents by way of surrogacy, giving you more time to focus on new family members. 
Lactation Support for Nursing Parents
Employees can use Delta’s lactation support service to store and ship breast milk while traveling for work – essential for those who are nursing on the go.
Help at Home While You Work
Enjoy up to 25 days of backup care for children, adults or pets, highly subsidized by Delta. Coming in 2023, we are covering additional “help at home” services like house tasks, grocery shopping, tech help and transportation for you and your family members.
Added Health and
Benefits Services
For 2023, we added a new healthcare advocacy service, Quantum Health, staffed by a dedicated team of nurses, benefits experts and claims specialists to help you navigate our extensive healthcare options, programs and resources.
Encouraging Financial Wellbeing
Employees can earn up to $1,000 from Delta when they complete a financial education/coaching program and contribute to an emergency savings account.
Expanded Mental Health Services
All Delta employees and their household members have access to 12 free counseling sessions per issue per year through our Employee Assistance Program. For employees in our hubs and largest stations, we’ve also arranged on-site mental health coaching.
Employee Pass Travel
Delta employees and their pass riders, including parents and other family members, enjoy flight privileges to destinations around the world.
Delta Employee Perks
Delta employees have access to incredible discounts on everything from cars and appliances to tickets and hotels.
Recognition and Appreciation
We recognize each other for outstanding work. Our recognition platform makes it easy for leaders and peers to say thanks. Employees can earn recognition with points they can redeem for rewards -- and each year, the best of the best employees are nominated by their peers to join the Chairman’s Club.
Career Enrichment
Delta offers 100+ skill-builder courses and 6 targeted growth paths by career journey – 100% accessible for all employees on any device. And our skills-first career growth programs help increase frontline access to higher-earning career opportunities.

Delta Cares

Through the generosity of the Delta family, we promote Delta's culture of caring by delivering financial support to Delta people. 

The Delta Care and Scholarship Funds Inc. is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit available for Delta people. Whether taking care of our customers or each other, Delta people specialize in caring for others. It's the Delta difference. Helping fellow employees or retirees when facing a sudden, unexpected personal crisis or providing scholarships to help somebody else realize their dream of upskilling and creating new paths for careers, are some of the ways Delta people are reaching out to make a difference.


Care Fund

Since launching in 2007, the Delta Care Fund impact continues to expand with over $1 million in grants awarded each year since 2011 and over $3 million in 2017 and 2018.


Scholarship Fund

The Delta Scholarship Fund awarded $1.92 million in scholarships to 720 recipients for the 2021-2022 academic year. With as little as $1 per paycheck, these donations assist thousands in the Delta family with achieving their future goals.

Investing in Our Communities

Our employees contribute time, energy, and millions of dollars to many worthwhile causes worldwide. For example, Delta volunteers have helped build 276 homes in 13 countries since 1995 in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, including 12 homes built with onboard recycling funds. Our charitable giving is also driven by our success: each year, we invest one percent of the previous year’s net income back into the community. Find out about Delta’s involvement in the community and how Delta employees help make the communities where they work and live a better place – and if you’d like, get involved!

Share Feedback

Through surveys, we regularly ask our people to reflect and provide feedback on their overall experience at Delta. For 2023, employee feedback is fueling our largest-ever investments in wellbeing.


Attend Town Halls

Through direct conversations, you can keep up to date on everything new at Delta and in your division, and participate in a Q&A, both live and on SkyHub, with leaders.


Get Involved

Through Business Resource Groups (BRGs) and elected bodies like Employee Involvement Groups (EIGs), you can provide your perspectives and work directly with leaders to drive strategies and solutions that have a significant positive impact on your work life and the company.


Connect with Leaders

Our leaders are caring and committed to helping you be your best – from when you are hired until you retire. Active listening and two-way dialogue are key. At Delta, we focus on forging personal connections between leaders and employees through regular one-on-ones, station visits, and town halls.

Stay in the know.

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Stay in the know.

Text DELTA to +1 205 846 8096 for updates*

*By texting DELTA to +1 205 846 8096, you are agreeing to receive periodic SMS text messages from Delta Air Lines regarding One Future. One Delta. Standard messaging and data rates may apply. You may unsubscribe any time by texting “UNSUBSCRIBE” to +1 205 846 8096 . Full Terms.